The Most Popular Types of Bathroom Tiles

If you wish that your bathroom tiles should last for years, porcelain is certainly the best material to go for. It is highly durable, sturdy, and very water-resistant, which makes it an excellent choice for use on both the bathroom floor and walls. Porcelain can even be used to make beautiful effects on the accessories in the room, since it is available in an incredible array of colours and is also quite easily made to appear like stone or wood, giving a much more durable option than either natural stone or timber. This is particularly important if you are considering installing accessories in the room that will be subject to lots of wear and tear – such as a claw-foot tub, shower curtain, or vanity.

Slate is very popular with bathroom tiles these days because of the way it looks. Slate is available in many different colours, with some dark shades being especially popular with bathrooms. If you want something that has a slightly softer, coarser appearance, you can choose a slate that is made from recycled plastic resin rather than pure slate. It is still quite hard-wearing though and although many people think that slate might not have a practical use, once you realise that it is actually waterproof and is a fire-proof surface, it becomes clear that this is an area where it really could be useful.

Glass tiles are also very popular bathroom designs at the moment. Most people opt for a clear glass design to reflect the light and to give a spacious feel to the room. There are various types of glass tiles, depending upon their thickness, colour, and surface texture. You can opt for lighter shades if you wish to keep the light out, or darker shades if you want more of a reflective feel.

Ceramic tiles are often seen in smaller bathroom tile studios but there are now many different types of ceramic tile available. This means that you can have a great choice of colours, styles and textures. When ceramic was first invented, it was used for flooring but it soon became apparent that it was also good at designing walls. You can have a brick wall with ceramic flooring, or you can have a tile lined wall that is just as durable as other types of walling materials. The different types of ceramic tile come in many different colours too, so you can create a truly unique design.

Porcelain tiles are most popular types of bathroom tiles because of the way they look. They are made up of a hard, flat porcelain substrate that is sealed onto a backing. Because of the porcelain’s hardiness, it is very durable and you can expect it to last for a long time without having to worry about chipping, peeling or cracking. The colours you can get from a porcelain tile are almost unlimited, meaning that you can create a beautiful design that combines different colours.

Stone tiles can give your bathroom a very rustic look, with many people using granite or marble for this purpose. Stone tiles can look like marble or granite depending on the colour you choose, so they can be a lot more versatile than porcelain. You can have a stone floor tiles, or even a tiled wall. The way you use it will depend entirely on your personal taste.

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