The Most Common Mistakes Made When Designing a Kitchen Backsplash

When remodeling or building a new kitchen for your home, you’ll need to plan ahead to prevent mistakes that could cost you a lot of time and money. Remodeling a kitchen isn’t always easy, so don’t expect it to be. It’s important to pick a style and design that you love, because it will help you enjoy working in the room more when it’s finished. If you’re not familiar with the interior design, the best way to learn is to talk to others who are. You might even consider hiring a professional interior designer for consultation services.

One of the first things to consider when designing a new kitchen is what appliances you’ll place into your space. Are you focusing on just a single room, or several? Do you want open floor plans so that you have more space in general for other areas of the house? If you’re focusing on just one area with appliances, you should check to see if any of your existing appliances can be reused. Leaving an empty corner above your appliances can cause dust buildup, especially if you’re using a blower fan for your space. Kitchens tend to be among the busiest rooms in a house, and when it came to decorating and designing them, there are some very common faux pas that you might want to avoid.

One of the biggest mistakes people make when designing kitchens is overloading a room with too much cabinet space. Whether you simply need more surface area for food storage, or you’re replacing your old cabinets because they’re too outdated for your needs, you shouldn’t cut corners when replacing your cabinets. Instead of going cheap and buying cheap plywood cabinets, shop around and find high quality materials. Also, keep in mind that when it comes to color, light blues and dark blues are considered to be more modern colors, as well as whites. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use lighter blues or darker shades, but the lighter blues or darker shades tend to appear less “girly” than white.

The second most common mistake many people make when designing kitchens is not paying attention to the initial consultation. Even if you’re having your kitchen built by interior designers, you should still meet with them to discuss your kitchen’s best goals. Many interior designers work with homeowners who are paying them to do the initial kitchen design consultation, so if you’re considering hiring one of these designers, you should first schedule an initial consultation so that you can get a feel for how the designer plans to implement your ideas.

Another big mistake made by homeowners who are doing their own kitchen backsplash is overdoing them. Backsplash designs can be quite bland and fairly boring if they’re not properly decorated or if they’re designed improperly. Some homeowners are tempted to simply paint their backsplash or add wallpaper, which can be a big mistake. You don’t need to completely overhaul your kitchen’s backsplash in order to improve its resale value, but you do need to add a bit of decor and flare to it to make it more interesting.

Lastly, homeowners often make the mistake of choosing cabinets that simply look good. Choosing bad-looking or overpriced cabinets simply because they have “good” names or they fit a certain design theme are the worst things you can do when selecting new cabinets for your kitchen. It doesn’t matter whether the cabinet looks good or not: it has to function well. Choose high quality cabinets so that you get value for money; choose cheap or faulty cabinets so that you end up replacing them more frequently than you had to.

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