Small Kitchen Design Ideas Using Double Duty Cabinets and Dishwashers

A kitchen is arguably the most important room in the house and is often the most frequented room by family members as well as guests. The kitchen has often been called the heart of the home because it is so essential to the function and overall feeling of the entire home. Taking inspiration from some of the world’s top chefs and architects, creative culinary masters have developed a stunning array of kitchen designs that will surely aid in inspiring any future re-design. Kitchen designers have truly gone out of their way to create kitchens that are not only functional but also beautiful. If you are faced with the task of redesigning your current kitchen or even thinking of incorporating some fresh new ideas, it is time to consult the experts.

One of the most common themes used by top kitchens is a nod to the classic French provincial kitchen. Many homeowners opt to use a white and black color scheme and complement it with rich woods, marble counters and large floor to ceiling windows. According to a popular article posted on the US Food and Drug Administration website, the French have a habit of hanging clothes on the wall which can be seen in most modern French kitchens. One of the most notable designs can be found in the kitchen of Jean Paul Gaultier. His work often incorporates bottles of olive oil and other condiments, and his unique style has made the French-inspired look all over the world.

Another favorite motif used by kitchen designers is that of natural materials like stone and glass. Although stone may not always be the first choice for homeowners, a kitchen with a combination of stone and glass tiles is sure to garner attention from both design enthusiasts and home buyers alike. Tiled walls with clean and clear glass panels allow sunlight to flood through the kitchen area, while dark and bulky stone walls add a sense of depth to the room.

A famous interior designer of today, Cheever has also come up with an innovative design for the kitchen island. The new trend started out as a breakfast bar with a wooden frame in a corner of the kitchen, but it was modified to include an elegant coffee and pastry station when Cheever opened his own juice shop in Los Angeles. He named his creation The Cheever Island Club because of the trendy area located in this section of the building. Since then, Cheever’s designs for the kitchen island have included a matching bar and countertop, a refrigerated display area, and even an outdoor kitchenette complete with flower pots and a garden table.

To save space in a small kitchen design, many designers prefer to utilize a wall mounted dishwasher or refrigerator. To make room for these appliances, homeowners can choose between a small single duty dishwasher, or double duty versions. In addition, Cheever uses double duty tape on the edges of the walls to prevent them from being accidentally ripped off. These double duty appliances are designed for a limited amount of space, so adding them will make the kitchen appear more spacious.

One other kitchen idea that utilizes a creative use of space is hanging baskets or hooks along the walls to hold pots and pans. In a small kitchen design, hanging baskets or hooks along the walls can make a kitchen appear larger than it really is. Some homeowners like hanging baskets on the backs of their countertops, while others like to position them in prominent locations throughout the kitchen. By using a unique, but practical way to store appliances, a homeowner can save valuable cabinet space and have custom cabinetry installed.

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