Kitchen Design Ideas – Organize Your Kitchen

Do you have a small kitchen and need to create more space? Are you sick of looking at all the appliances you have and wondering how you are ever going to be able to fit them in? Well, here are some ideas that may help. While the design of your house will probably determine the layout of your kitchen, you still can always customise the space to make it work better for you.

The first idea is to consider the way people used their kitchens. Did families that eating together have separate workstations so that there was room to socialise? Did they have a large kitchen area where the cook and host of the meal were located? Or were their kitchens very different – separated by sinks and counters? If the latter is true, then you may want to consider one of the many contemporary-styled residential kitchen designs that allow you to incorporate the elements of both styles into your kitchen area.

Another option is to have two work triangles in your kitchen layout work well. You can add extra counters to each triangle so that there is extra storage space built in. This is an especially useful option for small family homes where there may not be enough room to accommodate a full-sized kitchen. Two standard square kitchen units can easily be turned into a double work triangle by adding in another counter. This gives you extra storage space and allows you to operate your appliances in more of a coordinated fashion.

If the two styles of kitchen design you favour also have a “butcher’s block” feature, then you may want to add a mixture of square and circular cabinetry to your kitchen. An entire butcher’s block can easily be incorporated into your design with appropriate cabinet space. This makes for maximum utility, as well as providing extra storage space for your appliances and more counter space for your food preparation surfaces. It also allows you to utilize the circular cabinetry for items such as aprons or silverware, or decorative items such as spoons. Your appliances will also benefit from the added counter and cabinet space.

If you have a lot of space for use in your kitchen area, you may want to consider a L-shaped kitchen layout. L-shaped cabinetry is ideal for areas that need more than one appliance or service component. It gives you more counter and cabinet space for your appliances, while providing more storage space for your various storage needs. For example, you could place the stove on one side of the L, and your refrigerators or dishwasher on the other, while leaving plenty of space for your pans, pots and baking dishes.

One of the best ways to maximize the potential of your kitchen appliances is to arrange them in a way that helps you keep your kitchen clean. It’s a proven fact that messy kitchens are less productive kitchens. Keep your appliances and storage in an organized manner, with your food preparation and prep areas placed in the back of the cabinets and your cleaning supplies and food ingredients stored in the front of the cabinets. This allows you to easily access the items you need for food preparation, while leaving enough room to move around the kitchen and prepare other meals. You’ll find that when your food preparation area is clean, it will be much easier and efficient to prepare dishes and perform other food preparation tasks.

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