Galley Kitchen Designs

The kitchen is an area or part of any room used for food preparation and cooking in a house or in a public institution. A modern middle- class residential kitchen is generally equipped with a stove, sink with running hot and cold water, a large refrigerator, worktops with dish washing areas and kitchen cabinets all arranged according to some modular concept. Modern kitchen design concept was developed after the First World War where major appliances such as the washing machine, food chopper and the ice cream maker were invented. With the advent of modern technology, the role of the kitchen in our day-to-day life has changed completely. Gone are the days when the kitchen was considered to be the heart of the home since everyone used it for cooking.

The modern trend in kitchen design is focused towards space saving and maximization of every inch. There are many designs which you can select from depending upon the available space. Usually a rectangular L-shaped kitchen consists of open space on all sides, whereas a triangular L-shaped one has one section inwards while two sections are externally visible. Most people prefer to have open shelves with their cutlery and crockery while those who want to have organized storage will opt for the closets or cabinets with sliding doors. The type of cabinet or closet which you will choose depends upon your need and your personal preference.

Depending upon your requirement, you will also need to consider additional features like lighting, ventilation, humidity control, etc. An ideal kitchen should have proper ventilation to facilitate good food preparation, proper lighting to make sure that everything is in order, convenient ventilation system for quick changes in cooking ingredients and temperature control in order to prevent food from getting spoiled while being cooked, proper insulation for comfort and health of your family members and a safe cooking environment. In fact, if you are looking for a comprehensive kitchen remodeling, you should look out for the complete package including kitchen ventilation, heaters and kitchen vent fans.

It is important that the kitchens in any home should have proper sinks where people can wash their hands or prepare food without falling or tripping over the sink. Choosing the right type of sink for your home is not a very easy task and you have to consider many factors like your kitchen size, the number of people using the kitchen, etc before making a decision. You should remember that small kitchens with three to four people need smaller sized sinks with low water pressures and faucet and deep enough to accommodate the washing machine and all the kitchen utensils.

For medium sized kitchens, the most ideal type of sink is one fitted with an island with a cooking island, stove and some shelves to keep your cookbooks. Small kitchens with five to six people can opt for double sinks, as they give more room to wash and cook. If you are considering getting a new stove for your kitchen, then you must go for the same after taking into account the cooking surface and kitchen counter space available. Some people prefer dual ovens, while others may want to cook multiple food at once.

There are different styles of stoves and counter tops that you can use for your galley kitchen. It all depends on the type of work you do in the kitchen. Galley kitchens are ideal for food preparation, cooking, entertaining and eating. This type of kitchen design has also been used by many professional chefs and hence it won’t be a difficult task for you to find the ideal stove for your galley kitchen. If you plan carefully, you can make your kitchen look very chic and modern.

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