Exterior Painting For Your Home

It is common practice in home improvement to do both the interior and exterior painting. It is thought that painting one wall helps insulate the room from noise, as well as make the room look brighter and more appealing. If you have done a good job with the inside painting, you should consider doing the outside walls too. In Home Improvement magazine, author Jocelyn Dawes says, “Paint both the inside and the outside of your home. It will dramatically raise the resale value.”

Painting the exterior tends to be much cheaper, but it requires more work. Paint the entire exterior at once using the same color. It helps to paint the exterior in shades of the same color as the inside, to break up the monotony. Painting the inside usually results in a 107 percent return on investment (ROM), and painting only the outside produces a 55 percent return on investment. Paint the inside costs on average about $912, and adds a modest $2,001 to the home’s value.

In addition to painting the outside, you may want to invest in some plastic drop cloths to protect your furniture, especially valuable flooring such as wooden or bamboo. It is also important to protect the glass of your shower and tub. “When we go into the tubs, we always want to take a shower first, but sometimes we forget and bang our heads against the side of the tub,” says Bill Tully, president of Boston Porch and Beach Accessories in Framingham, Massachusetts. “We bought drop cloths to prevent this accident from happening. This is very important during the home improvement process.”

Many people also do a lot of their own home improvement projects and hire painting contractors. The good news is that many painting contractors offer full step-by-step instructions with their plans for any project. They can also help you decide which paint colors will best complement and accentuate your home. When choosing a paint job, you should always try to match the shade of paint to the existing siding.

In addition to protecting the inside of your home, painting the outside of your home will also add character and curb appeal. Choosing neutral colors, such as tan or off-white, allows potential buyers to imagine themselves living in the home. Neutral colors also allow potential buyers to picture themselves shopping at a particular brick-and-mortar store, while choosing a unique color that is not typically seen at that store. If you choose a unique color such as red, however, potential buyers may not be so willing to imagine themselves in that particular store. This is why it is important to choose a color that is unique but still meets your needs and wants.

A great way to save money on your exterior painting project is to choose one color, whether it is a neutral color or a color that you love. This will give you the opportunity to truly focus on your home’s curb appeal, rather than worrying about how much paint you will need. If you do not know how much exterior paint you will need, you should visit with a local home improvement professional. They will be able to estimate how much paint you will need based on the condition of your home, the size of your windows, and other factors. If you are not sure how much paint you will need, there are always quality paint calculators available at local hardware stores.

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