Bathroom Design Trends From the New Bathroom Design Trends

So it’s been a while since you’ve had your bath. Maybe you’ve got a new baby or a fussy old teenager, but it seems that over time your bathroom has lost a bit of its appeal. It may have become a bit of an embarrassment when friends come round to take a peek at the mess that has accumulated inside. Not to worry though, with a few simple tips on how to redecorate a bathroom, you can make it once again an attractive and comfortable space to be in.

The key to how to redecorate small bathroom isn’t in the planning; rather it’s all in the careful planning. So remember to set aside what is important to you first. Don’t forget the small negative space you have to maneuver around in order to get around another item or fixture in the room. This is the space that can make or break an overall design theme for the room, so ensure you keep it in mind when you’re choosing colors and other features.

Also, don’t forget to consider what kind of material would suit your needs best. If you’re after a clean, minimalist look, then flat black bathroom vanities are ideal. But if you want a bathroom that gives off a luxurious look, then perhaps floating vanities would be more appropriate. With the variety of materials now available in contemporary bathroom design, there’s really no reason why you can’t find a great looking, functional vanity that fits in perfectly with your needs and tastes.

Speaking of needs, of course your personal tastes will also play a part in the design of your bathroom. Bathroom vanities are normally chosen depending on the style and theme you are aiming for. This is usually expressed through color, and material choice. For example, if you want your bathroom to express an earthy feeling, then choose something like natural stone vanities or perhaps wood. However, if you want your bath to express a bright and airy mood, then consider brighter materials like mosaic tiles or even glass.

So, what about the bathroom design of large bathrooms? In terms of large bathrooms, the trend seems to be towards the use of natural stone, although you can also find them featuring bold colored tile. For large bathrooms, these spaces can be quite narrow, which is why bold tile designs are perfect. Powder rooms feature tiles made from ceramic, porcelain or marble – but powder rooms are also notorious for not having much privacy.

If you’re after a bathroom that doesn’t resemble a bathroom at all, then perhaps an antique design would suit your needs. This type of design features very low maintenance, but offers a unique look. You can either opt for natural stone or you could go for the honed or polished nickel finish, and there are some beautiful options to choose from. The antique bathroom design trend looks to have finally ebbed out in favor of the polished nickel finish.

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